Sliding sash windows are as not only stylish but practical as well with the option of being opened at either the top or bottom for ventilation.

Authentic Design

Our sliding sash windows are authentic and sympathetic to the traditional sash design which has been popular for centuries and are designed to ensure smooth running time after time, making them effortless to open.

Heritage & Restoration Windows

Millar have considerable experience in manufacturing sliding sash windows and doors for period and listed buildings. We liaise with architects and the heritage agencies to design a window that meets strict heritage specifications on each individual project.

Only the best materials

We use only the very best wood available to us including Accoya® high performance wood and all timber is moisture tested upon reaching our workshop, it also goes through a strict internal process whilst being made. As standard we offer double glazing but triple glazed windows are also available.

Built to last

You also have the option of upgrading to our ‘A’ rated Windows. These are top of the range and BRFC certified. This is the highest award a window manufacturer can achieve. Even though our standard windows are very impressive the ‘A’ rated option makes sure you receive the highest energy efficiency rating available to buy on the market.

What mechanism is right for you?

A traditional weight and pulley system or a spiral balance window? We specialise in both. Weight and pulley systems have a quality, historic feel and fit neatly behind traditional reveals as well as lasting longer. Spiral balances systems fit neatly into all building profiles without reducing light and are extremely durable.