Designed for beauty, security and exceptional protection against the elements our timber doors allow for a high level of customisation to ensure the perfect fit.


Our range of hardwood timber doors include entrance frames, single door kits, lift and slide doors and bi-folding doors and if you can’t find what you are looking for we can make it to your exact specifications. Our selection includes Accoya® high performance wood.

A finish to be proud of

We pre-finish all our products in our in house spray facility using only a water-based painting system. The water-based application significantly reduces harmful emissions and disposal issues associated with other solvent based systems. This process allows timber to breathe and adapt to climatic changes and provide maximum protection against weathering, UV degradation and fungal attack.

Find your perfect match

Whether you’re looking for an entrance door, bi-fold door, lift and slide door or french door we can help. Our comprehensive range of doors, glass options and solid panels means you can find the perfect match for your building.