We are proud of our product. It’s rooted in experience and craftsmanship and is produced by highly qualified professionals using the latest cutting edge technology.

Technology and Craft Combined

We make substantial investments to our state-of-the-art facility
in Country Antrim so we are continually at the forefront of manufacturing technology. Our craftsmen oversee the quality of the products and their efficient deployment and our process gives clients the confidence that challenging production schedules can be met if needs be.

Quality product time and time again

We use the very latest manufacturing technology overseen by our skilled craftsmen to produce high quality, high specification products using
only the best materials. From design to dispatch our attention to detail is built in at every stage. Everything that we produce is subject to continual checks and our production team are experts in techniques handed down over generations.

Design Services

Our designers combine beauty with precision manufacturing. We will work with you to arrive at a design that is both aesthetically appropriate and practical at the same time. This combined with the ability to work to your timescales and projections ensure the smooth running of any project.

A highly skilled workforce

We are part of a proud heritage and many of our joiners have decades of hands-on experience. While our team has expanded over the years, we have never compromised on the skill we look for and encourage in our workforce. We rely on their craft skills to produce what the machines can’t and as we grow their knowledge and expertise is passed on to new members of the team.

Dedicated Customer Support

Attention to detail and personal care are at the heart of what we do.
We help at every stage of a project, from design to production and our customer support is a natural extension of our drive for quality. Your client liaison will always be fully committed to your project and offer the best advice and technical expertise whenever you need it.