We are the first window manufacturer in Northern Ireland to create a window that looks like a traditional vintage sliding sash window from the outside but has the mechanics of a casement window.

Quality doesnt have to be expensive

This design gives our customers the option of buying a window that has the appearance of a sliding sash window but costs less. The price is slightly more than a casement window price however is less than buying the traditional sliding sash window option.

Made for you

Using our specialist in house design service assures you get the perfect window for your property. Shape, size, colour and finish are all agreed before the work starts.

Built to last

You also have the option of upgrading to our ‘A’ rated Windows. These are top of the range and BRFC certified. This is the highest award a window manufacturer can achieve. Even though our standard windows are very impressive the ‘A’ rated option makes sure you receive the highest energy efficiency rating available to buy on the market.

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